“I want to live, don't I?” – A Cancer Diary

42 min, Germany 2009

(DVD5, PAL 16:9, Region Code free)

Languages: German (Dolby 2.0) and German with English subtitles

Prices (incl. German VAT):

DVD for private use: € 19,90 / Stück (plus € 4,50 postage)

Private use means, you can watch the film at home, also with friends. Public screenings, for instance at events, in schools or other educational institutes, are not permitted. For this, you need a screening license (see below).

DVD with non-commercial screening license:  € 79,90 (incl. 2 DVDs, plus € 4,50 postage)

This license gives you the right to screen the film publicly, but non-commercially, for instance in schools, media centres or other educational institutes. Non-commercial means that the screening of the film does not generate - directly or indirectly - any kind of monetary revenue (e.g. ticket fees).

Commercial screenings

Please contact us, if you would like to screen our film publicly and commercially (e.g. events with ticket fees or for paid seminars).

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